Post 1463 History, continued

During our 75-year history, many commanders have led our post. Some men distinguished themselves by holding the office more than 1 term. Their hard work is evident in the success we all take for granted. Some of those who served multiple years as commander were: Willis Christ Jr., Howard Dissinger, Harvey Haddad, Jack Keath, Barry Donlin, Charles Wheeling, Don Garber, Roy Keller, J. Frank Stokes, Bob O’Brien, Walter Strickler Jr., Richard Getz Jr. and our present commander Joel Ellis, who has begun his second year of service. Jack Yoder and Jim Shultz each served as commander for 5 years. Setting the record for service, with 6 terms as commander, are Kenneth Miller and John Zagorski. In addition, Jack Keath served as Post Quartermaster an unprecedented 28 consecutive years while Paul “Bud” Spickler held the very important office of Treasurer for 21 consecutive years. Numerous others helped rebuild our post after the disastrous fire of 1972 and then guided our post to grow into what we see today.

Today’s Lititz Springs VFW has matured into a distinguished veterans and civic organization. In the 75 years since its birth, the post has evolved into a responsible and respected member of the community. Post 1463 has received multiple awards from VFW national and state organizations. Currently Post 1463 holds an amazing 8 consecutive National Community Service awards and 10 first place Department of Pennsylvania, VFW awards for Veteran and Community Services.

Since 1990 total donations to veterans and community projects has reached the staggering amount of one million, twenty-eight thousand dollars ($1,028,000). All area youth sports teams, various other youth and civic groups, Boy and Girl Scout units, fire, and ambulance organizations have received annual contributions. Post 1463 is a major contributor to Warwick High School, Lititz Community Center, Lititz Library, and Lititz Park.

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