Post 1463 History, continued

Lititz Springs Post 1463 Veterans of Foreign Wars sponsors numerous veterans programs. Visiting veterans in area retirement homes, transporting veterans to VA hospitals, donating clothing and remembering the troops with gift packages who are serving overseas fighting the “Global War on Terror”. Post 1463 has donated thousands of dollars to purchase phone cards for wounded hospitalized veterans and to our military stationed overseas. The Post looks after veterans who are shut in and provides them with necessary appliances to make their golden years less stressful.
Lititz Springs Post 1463 Veterans of Foreign Wars participates in many national VFW programs. Post 1463 proudly sponsors the Loyalty Day, Patriots Pen and Voice of Democracy Programs.

Evidence of our Americanism Program can be found throughout our town and the surrounding townships by our flag and patriotism presentations our veterans make. Post 1463 donates all of the flags flown on the light poles throughout the Borough on major holidays. We are proud of our Veterans Memorial Fountain at the North Broad Street basin of Lititz Springs Park. We are equally proud of the East Main Street Revolutionary War and Veterans Memorials The Veterans Memorial was financed and is maintained with our brother veterans of American Legion Lititz Garden Spot Post 56.

These are some of the major community /veterans’ projects supported by Lititz Springs VFW Post 1463. Our history is rich and our service record is proud. With God’s help we will march toward our 100th anniversary with confidence and hope the next 25 years will be as fulfilling as the 75 years that have passed.

A list of our past Post Commanders can be found here.